With great joy, the Peruvian community and residents of Tahiti received the B.A.P. Sailing School Ship. “Unión”, which arrived on July 13 in Tahiti in French Polynesia, the first point of the itinerary that will take it around the world, within the framework of the 2023-2024 Foreign Instruction Trip carried out by the cadets of the School Peruvian Navy.

It will remain there until July 17, during which time the crew will carry out protocol and cultural activities. Upon arrival in that city, the Commander of the naval unit, Captain José Luis Arce Corzo received on board the Commander of the Armed Forces and the Commissioner in French Polynesia, as well as local military and civil authorities.

Later, he offered a press conference to the media.

On Friday, July 14, a section of escorted cadets will participate on behalf of Peru in the military parade to be held on the occasion of French National Day. Among the cultural activities that the crew will carry out in that city, on July 15 they will visit the Museum of Tahiti and tour the jurisdictional islands of Tahiti.

Likewise, until July 16, the imposing ship will open its doors to receive visits from the local public, as well as the Peruvian community residing in said Oceanian country.

It should be noted that this trip’s main objective is to complement the seafaring training of naval cadets.

Likewise, it will act as an Itinerant Embassy, disseminating in the countries to visit, the ancient national culture and will position the “Peru Brand”, in order to promote tourism and the exportable offer.

The singular circumnavigation voyage constitutes a historical milestone for Peru and the Navy, as it is the first time that said sailboat has made a voyage of great magnitude, since it will complete a voyage of approximately 309 days in a journey of 34,216 nautical miles, in which it will visit 20 ports in 16 countries on the 5 continents.

Photo: ANDINA/Daniel Bracamonte