The Indonesian Navy’s TNI Element (TNI AL) joined in the Satgas Maritime Task Force (MTF) TNI Konga XXVIII-N/UNIFIL, KRI Frans Kaisiepo-368, along with two other warships, the BNS Sangram F-113 from Bangladesh and the TCG Turgutreis F-241 from Turkey which is also part of the MTF-UNIFIL element under the command of MTF Commander, Rear Admiral Dirk Gartner, German national carrying out manoeuvres with various formations in the Mediterranean Sea which is the Area of Maritime Operation of the United Nations, Last Friday (14/07).

This sea maneuvering exercise is a show of the reliability and power of fire power that each ship has. The three warships show each other their best performa in advanced maneuvering exercise, asymmetric warfare exercise, replenishment at sea, flag hoist exercise, photo exercise, and farewell sail past.

Training was designed to test the reliability of ships in maneuvering positions on a number of different formations, the implication of asymmetrical threats, the ability of supply at sea to extend the duration of operations, as well as the professionalism of the field of communication in sending news through flag signals.

“This exercise is part of the internal training of the MTF-UNIFIL elements that are routinely called to strengthen interoperability and enhance operational preparedness for mission success based on the UN mandate. The achievement of KRI Frans Kaisiepo-368 in this multinational event is also the success of military diplomacy with four pillars of purpose, namely confidence building measure, preventive diplomacy, capacity building, and security enhancement”, revealed KRI Commander Frans Kaisiepo-368 who is also Commander of MTF TNI Konga XXVIII-N/UNIFIL, Marine Letkol (P) John David Nalasakti Sondakh.

In addition, KRI Frans Kaisiepo-368 is also believed to fly the Heli Panther HS 1306 with assignment as an intruder simulation, perform Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), as well as take aerial photos. A moment of haru and pride colouring the activity, during the farewell sail past at the end of the training marking the end mission of the Turkish Navy element TCG Turgutreis F-241 which will be replaced by the TCG Burgazada F-513.

Maintained maneuvering training is in line with the emphasis of Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) Admiral TNI Muhammad Ali to all TNI AL soldiers who are carrying out a world peace mission to enhance high readiness and vigilance and provide the best in every task entrusted. “Take care of the good name of TNI AL and Indonesia, as well as preserving relations with the countries affiliated in UNIFIL, so that both the national and TNI AL names remain fragrant in the international world”, stressed Kasal.