In order to strengthen cooperative relations between the Navy and friendly countries, elements of the Navy, namely KRI Cut Nyak Dien-375 and KRI Wiratno-379 carried out a Passing Exercise (PASSEX) with the Italian warship type offshore patrol vessel ITS Francesco Morrosini in the waters of Jakarta Bay, Saturday (22/0/2023).

KRI Cut Nyak Dien-375 and KRI Wiratno-379 are Indonesian warships of the Parchim class corvette under the command of Koarmada I. Passing Exercise (Passex) which was carried out in the Java Sea was an exercise carried out between two navies when a warship of one of the friendly countries entered the sea area of one of the two countries.

In other words, Passex aims to exercise cooperation between the two navies and establish diplomatic relations.

The exercise, also carried out Photo Exercise (Photoex), which is to take documentation of exercises during sea maneuvers from the air, elements of warships of both countries practice by demonstrating their sea and air capabilities. The aircraft element used for the Photoex exercise is the P-8202 maritime patrol aircraft which is an element of the Indonesian Navy under the command of Koarmada I. On this occasion also carried out a series of Tactical Maneuvering (Tacman) and Farewell Passing exercises.

Deputy Chief of the Italian Navy / Deputy Chief of the Italian Navy, Vice Admiral Giuseppe Berutti Bergotto previously met the Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) Admiral TNI Muhammad Ali in Jakarta to discuss a number of naval cooperation between the two countries so far, including staff meeting activities to initiate the opening of navy to navy talks as an official forum to discuss cooperation in various fields, such as strategic overview, information exchange, education, personnel visits, ship visits and joint exercises between the Indonesian Navy and the Italian Navy.