Project 02670 Evgeny Goriglezhan Launched

December 25, 2020 (Google Translation) – On December 25, the Yantar Shipyard hosted the launching ceremony of the Yevgeny Goriglezhan vessel. The ceremony was attended by workers of the plant and guests of honor, including representatives of the ship’s customer, the United Shipbuilding Corporation and the regional government.

The leading designer of the plant Alina Kaunaite became the godmother of the OIC “Evgeny Goriglejan”. According to naval tradition, before launching, she broke a bottle of champagne on the side of the ship.

Project 02670 was developed at the Almaz Central Design Bureau. The vessel of this project is intended for underwater technical work, environmental monitoring of the marine environment, oceanographic surveys of the bottom layer, and assistance to the search and rescue forces at sea. The vessel is capable of taking on board underwater and rescue vehicles. Displacement of the vessel – 4 thousand tons, length – 81 m, width – 16 m, autonomy – 30 days, crew – 32 people. and 25 people. expeditions.

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