Lorraine participated in the Philippine Sea in “Tri Carrier Operations” maneuvers bringing together three aircraft carriers and aircraft carriers. During the first three days, the Lorraine was engaged in this Multiple Big Deck Exercise (MBDE) articulated around the American aircraft carriers Ronald Reagan and Nimitz and the Japanese aircraft carrier Izumo in the Philippine Sea.

This exercise brought together nearly ten escorts from four Pacific Rim nations (United States, Japan, Canada, France), illustrating our commitment to international law and freedom of navigation.

On June 13, Lorraine welcomed Rear Admiral Donnelly, commander of Task Force 70 (CTF70) and embarked with his staff aboard the USS Ronald Reagan. As the FREMM-DA completed its first week of integration into CSG-5, the objective was to present to CTF70 the extent of FREMM-DA’s air defense capabilities.

Equipped with enhanced air defense capabilities, the FREMM-DA Lorraine contributed to the air defense of the American aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan by participating in fighter control from the Lorraine operations center of aircraft engaged in Combat Air Patrol (CAP) missions.

The outcome of these 14 days of operations with the Reagan is very positive since the combat system has been tested in a loaded and complex tactical environment. These results will contribute to the building’s Admission to Active Service (ASA) process but also to the preparation of future deployments of first-class ships in the region, with our partners and with our allies.