Committed, bonded, like a family.

These are the words that the crew use to describe what it’s like working on board missile corvette RSS Valiant – who have just clocked their fourth win in the Singapore Armed Forces’ (SAF’s) annual Best Unit Competition, clinching the Best Fleet Unit award.

The Victory-class missile corvette (MCV) previously won in 1993, 1998 and 2012 – when the award was known as the Best Ship award.

Commanding Officer Major (MAJ) Choy Seng Tuck, 36, said: “We have a can-do spirit. Whatever we do, we will do without hesitation and give it our best.

“We are always working together and have a strong bond which allows us to do our job better. RSS Valiant is like a second family and we all care for one another very much.”

When it comes to caring for one another, that is something communication systems supervisor Military Expert (ME) 2 Amy Tan has often experienced throughout her two years on the MCV.

Growing up, ME2 Tan was very close to her grandmother and always misses the latter badly whenever she sails. Now that her grandmother is staying in a nursing home, this makes visitations harder, especially when work schedules become hectic.

“As the crew knows that I miss her a lot, they always check on me to ensure that I’m ok and that I have enough time to spend with her,” said ME2 Tan.

“If the schedule permits, I’m able to take off or leave early just to spend time with my grandmother. The crew will help to cover my job if needed as well.”