As part of the missions of the French Navy, the fight against pollution is a major issue in Mayotte, a small piece of France surrounded by one of the largest lagoons in the world with its exceptional biodiversity that must be protected. Taking advantage of the passage of the BSAOM in the waters of Mayotte, the two crews prepared for several weeks a delicate maneuver consisting in implementing an anti-pollution dam and several pollution treatment equipment.

It is with a very fine coordination between all the actors that the dam was spun in the water and then positioned by the Morse tug of the naval base in order to encircle the fictitious pollution, thus allowing the activation of the means of aspiration. While all the objectives were achieved, the exercise allowed everyone to gain essential experience in the event of a real operation. The increase in maritime traffic in the Mozambique Channel makes it necessary to prepare for all situations.

Four Mozambican observers embarked on the Champlain were able to put into practice the theoretical anti-pollution training received a few days earlier at the naval base of Port-des-Galets, in Reunion Island. Once the equipment was unloaded at the port of Longoni, the Champlain quickly set sail to return to the high seas and continue to meet the military and interdepartmental needs of the area.