The Type-075 amphibious assault ship Hainan has recently completed its full-time training assessment, marking a key step towards the high seas.

As China’s first independently-built amphibious assault ship, ship Hainan is equipped with a variety of firepower systems such as missiles and close-in weapons system (CIWS) capable of self-defense and counter-attack, a through deck that can carry multi-type ship-borne helicopters, and an internal dock that can carry multi-type tanks and air cushion landing craft. Since its commission into the PLA Navy, ship Hainan has completed collaborative training with multiple types of ship-borne helicopters, tanks and air cushion landing craft for several times.

The coordination among ship-borne helicopters, tanks, armored vehicles and amphibious landing craft aboard the ship has been more and more important in building up the new combat capabilities of amphibious assault ship. The ship Hainan has continuously optimized the standard operating process of aviation support, and effectively improved the cooperation among different positions, specialties, and services and arms.

“Right now, we have completed the full-time training assessment, getting closer towards high seas. Next, we will continue improving the level of the joint real combat training, with emphasizes on force-on-force training and technological training, giving full play to the operational effectiveness of ship Hainan in integrated operations,” said Captain Zhang Meiyu, commander of ship Hainan.