The Ship Patrol Patrol Oceânico Figueira da Foz, of the Portuguese Navy, returned June 27, to the Naval Base of Lisbon, after participating in the Assurance Measures of NATO, in Lithuania.

June 26, 2023, 15:39

The ceremony will be held by the Minister of National Defense, Helena Carreiras, also with the presence of the Chief of the General Staff of the Navy, Admiral Henrique Gouveia and Melo, among other entities.

Additional information

The presence of NRP Figueira da Foz and the Diving Detachment Sapadores No. 3 in Assurance Measures aimed to contribute to the collective effort of deterrence, as well as to the satisfaction of international commitments assumed by Portugal in the bilateral and multilateral areas, increasing the climate of trust and tranquilization of populations in the territories of Central and Eastern Europe.

During this mission, NRP Figueira da Foz and the Diving Detaching Sappers No. 3 developed several national representation activities, supporting foreign and national defense policy, especially in the context of bilateral relations with the Republic of Lithuania, carried out training activities and exercises combined with the Armed Forces of Lithuania and other allied countries and demonstrated the capabilities and added value that a Ocean Patrol Ship can develop, even within the framework of a NATO Patrol Ship.

NRP Figueira da Foz is commanded by Lieutenant Flávio Pereira Eusébio and told this mission with a garrison that included a team of divers with the ability to inactivate explosive devices, a medical team and a team of military operators of unmanned aerial systems.