For the first time ever, the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) will showcase the equipment used by its stealthy submarines.

In particular, the public can get hands-on with two different consoles – the maneuvering control as well as sonar – which were used in the RSN’s Challenger-class submarine.

They will also be able to get a rare look at life on board these boats, including the tough training that the sailors had to go through.

In addition, visitors will be treated to a glimpse of artefacts from one of the RSN’s very first ships – RSS Panglima.

From the propeller and the bell to the lamp, these historical items will be on display at the three-level revamped Navy museum from 17 Jun.

Take a tour with us of some of the museum’s highlights:

While you’re at it, pledge your love for the navy at this eye-catching signage. P.S. Your kids will look cute posing with this! [Photo: DCS]

Artefacts from the RSS Panglima exhibit include the original propeller, lamp and the bell from the RSN’s pioneer training ship. RSS Panglima (the name means “honoured warrior” in Malay) was one of the Navy’s very first ships and served it faithfully for over 20 years before it was decommissioned in 1991. [Photo: DCS]

Navy enthusiasts, feast your eyes on mini-replicas of ships past and present in the “Tunnel of Progress”! This section on level 1 of the museum showcases how the RSN has grown over the years. [Photo: DCS]

Visitors intently looking at an RSN ship model on display at the “Tunnel of Progress”.

Firepower: (from left) the Aster missile, the Harpoon missile and the A244S Torpedo. Don’t miss these formidable weapons on display at the “Striking Deeper, Higher and Further” section on level 2.

RSN sailor chatting with student visitors about the different missiles that the navy deploys on its ships.

An RSN servicewoman showing a visitor the different types of RSN ships on an interactive display panel.

For the first time, members of the public can touch and feel the consoles, such as the maneuvering control console (pictured above, right), of the RSN’s Challenger-class submarines. This is on level 2 of the museum.

Think you have what it takes to be one of the elite naval divers? Find out all about frogmen and the Naval Diving Unit at the aptly named “Nothing Stands In Our Way” exhibit on level 2! [Photo: DCS]
Curious about where our ships sail to and what exercises the RSN takes part in? Now you can find out all these and more at the “Global Partnerships and Friendships” section on level 3 of the museum!

Has your interest been piqued? Head down to the Singapore Navy Museum for some naval discoveries today!

Singapore Navy Museum
112 Tanah Merah Coast Rd
Opening hours:
Weekday: 12pm – 5pm (Last entry at 4.30pm)
Weekends & PHs: 10am – 2pm (Last entry at 1.30pm)
Closed every Tuesday