The shipyards of Navantia in Puerto Real and San Fernando have begun, July 3, 2023, the production phase of a Maritime Action Ship of Underwater Intervention (BAM-IS), for the Navy and a corvette for the Royal Navy of Morocco.

In both cases, the maneuver has consisted of cutting the first sheet of a pilot block to develop the production systems. The construction of this block, belonging to the ship’s engine room, will allow the new digital design, control and management tools implemented in the shipyards to be put up and tested. The BAM-IS will be the first ship built in the Royal Port stillero on which these tools will be used.

The BAM-IS, which will be named “Poseidon,” will be the specialized platform and equipped for the rescue and support for the rescue of submarines. Similarly, it will be the Navy’s main unit to support dive operations, predictably replacing the rescue and rescue vessel Neptune in 2026.

The manufacture of BAM-IS responds to a need associated with S-80 submarines in order to provide support and ensure the safety of endowments throughout their operational life.