KRI Teluk Weda-526 carried out Beaching and Retrack exercises to improve the abilities and skills of soldiers and test the capabilities of Satfib Koarmada III Defense Equipment at Loppon Beach, Manokwari (Tuesday, June 27, 2023).

After knowing the planned TNI Joint Operation exercise in 2023 will be carried out in Manokwari waters in July 2023. KRI Teluk Weda-526 Commander Marine Lieutenant Colonel (P) Ricky Tacoma carried out maneuvers towards Lokpon Manokwari beach. This was done to test the completeness of existing equipment in support of Beaching and Retrack’s role in future amphibious operations.

The strengthening of the ability and professionalism of soldiers in carrying out the role of Beaching and Retrack and the realization of the ship’s ability to deal with dynamics in the field make this exercise very important in supporting the implementation of amphibious operations.

The results of the exercise on Lokpon beach will be reviewed and used as guidelines so that things that might hinder the TNI Opsgab exercise can be anticipated and minimized.

Commander of Koarmada III Rear Admiral TNI Rachmad Jayadi said “The exercise aims to improve the ability and skills of KRI Teluk Weda-526 soldiers in carrying out Beaching and Retrack procedures to support the implementation of amphibious operations, tactical loading and / or administrative load in the TNI Joint Operations exercise in 2023 which will be held in the next few weeks in the working area of Koarmada III.

In addition, the exercise is also aimed at testing the capabilities of defense equipment, platforms and sewaco as well as supporting training activities while still paying attention to safety factors and zero accidents, concluded the Commander.