In the framework of the AMAN 2023 Multinational Joint Exercise (Latma) in Karachi, Pakistan and the North Sea of ​​the Arabian Sea, from 9 to 14 February 2023, Commander of the Regional Armed Forces II Rear Admiral TNI Dr. TSNB Hutabarat, MMS, led the release ceremony of KRI Raden Eddy Martadinata-331 (KRI REM-331), which took place at the Madura Koarmada II Pier, Tuesday (24/01/2023).

In this exercise which is held every two years, the Indonesian Navy sent one of the KRI elements under the Second Fleet Command, namely KRI Raden Eddy Martadinata (KRI REM-331), under the command of Marine Colonel (P) Nopriadi. KRI REM-331 carried out training for 48 days from January 24 to March 3 2023, by dispatching 126 Ship Crews (ABK), and 14 support teams from the Helicopter Crew, Kopaska, Divers and Health.

Multinational Joint Exercise (Latma) Exercise AMAN 2023 is an international scale activity organized by the Pakistan Navy (Pak Navy) and is a moment of multinational naval meeting. The event will involve 26 warships from various participating countries which are divided into two stages, namely Harbor Phase and Sea Phase.

Latma AMAN-23 will be attended by several countries including Pakistan, Azerbaijan, China, Italy, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

On this occasion, Pangkoarmada II Rear Admiral TNI Dr. TSNB Hutabarat, MMS, said that “Latma AMAN is a venue for meetings and exchange of information in the field of Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) and Naval Warfare. In addition, this exercise is a means of maintaining and enhancing military cooperative relations in the field of Maritime Security between Indonesia and the countries participating in the exercise.