The forward-deployed amphibious assault carrier USS America (LHA 6) fired a RIM-116 rolling airframe missile, during routine operations, while underway in the Philippine Sea, Jan. 24.

The crew aboard the ship detected, tracked, and engaged a target to maintain proficiency of the onboard weapons systems and confirm the crew’s warfighting readiness.

“This exercise demonstrated our team’s ability to work together, coordinate across multiple departments, and ultimately execute safely and effectively,” said Cmdr. Avery Wilson, America’s operations officer. “We demonstrated that through the hard work of our technicians and logistics support, our equipment is fully operational and our watch-standers in the Combat Information Center are trained and prepared for any threat.”

USS America with Amphibious Squadron 11 and USS Green Bay (LPD 20) are sailing as the America Amphibious Ready Group to create a warfighting team committed to maintaining freedom of navigation and stability in the area of operations.

“The ship has to always be ready to deploy a lethal combat capability if necessary,” said Capt. Shockey Snyder, America’s commanding officer. This evolution reminds every Sailor aboard this ship that they, as tactical watchstanders, are the tip of the spear and we are ready to execute the nation’s defense strategy.