This January 26, the ATF-65 “JANEQUEO”, a Unit dependent on the Second Naval Zone, set sail from Punta Arenas towards the Chilean Antarctic Territory, to continue with the tasks contemplated within the 2022/2023 Antarctic Campaign.

The deployment will take place until approximately February 15, with the aim of complying with the resupply and logistical support of the Antarctic bases in order to keep them operational during the year. The Unit will also support the removal of cargo and garbage from the Antarctic bases, thus complying with the Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty -also known as the Madrid Protocol- whose objective is to protect the environment and ecosystems in the Chilean Antarctic Territory. Support for foreign bases is also part of the planning.

On the other hand, on board the ATF “JANEQUEO” is the Chilean swimmer, specialized in icy waters, Bárbara Hernández, who seeks to break a record and be the first person to swim more than 1,000 meters in the waters of the White Continent.

The Unit was built in India between 2016 and 2020, it was incorporated into the Institution on February 22, 2021. Among the different roles assigned, there is combating contamination, serving as logistical support for task forces and isolated areas, as well support for the maintenance of Maritime Signaling in the national territory.