Warships from the Military Seaborne Command KRI Banda Aceh-593 arrived and docked at Mako Kolinlamil pier, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta to carry out the debarkation of personnel and material from the Raider 300 / III / Siliwangi Infantry Battalion and Para Raider Infantry Battalion 330 / 17 / 1 / Kostrad retired from duty in the RI-PNG Mobile Border Security Task Force (Pamtas) in 2023, Wednesday (19/7). The Landing Platform Dock type warship arrived in Jakarta safely after experiencing bad weather on a cross-sea voyage and had to take shelter by docking in Ambon.

KRI BAC-593 Commander Marine Lieutenant Colonel (P) Sulthon Firdaus said that the condition of the Army troops he transported during the sea crossing to their destination was in good condition. Their enthusiasm to maintain conditions during the sea crossing is extraordinary even though they were hit by large waves. Lieutenant Colonel Sulthon also expressed his appreciation to all the Army soldiers he transported because during the KRI on board they were orderly and carried out the Navy’s typical PUDD while in the KRI. He hopes that the experience while at KRI will bring a positive impression and communication will continue to be established.

On one occasion, the Commander of the Military Seaborne Command, Admiral TNI Edwin, S.H., M.Han, M.H. conveyed his instructions to the KRI Commander of the Kolinlamil ranks to continue to be creative in order to maintain the health and morale of soldiers remain high, both KRI crew soldiers and land soldiers who are on board to carry out assignments. Health and high morale are important factors in achieving the success of an operating task carried out.

Commander Kolinlamil also reminded of the importance of fostering communication and solidity with Army soldiers who will carry out operational tasks and retired soldiers. Following the direction from the Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Ali, the Navy must be able to demonstrate its readiness to support the operational tasks of Army soldiers who are members of Task Forces. The success of TNI AD soldiers in the area of operation is greatly influenced by the preparedness of the KRI elements involved.