The Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) held a drill in Ambalat waters on the RI-Malaysia border, Wednesday (01/18/2023) by deploying two Republic of Indonesia Warships (KRI) elements under the operational control of Guspurla Koarmada II, namely KRI Mandau-621 and KRI Keris -624.

This exercise is intended to increase the combat instincts of personnel, as well as test the operational readiness of the KRI Main Armament System (Alutsista) as well as a manifestation of the presence of the Indonesian Navy in maintaining national sovereignty on the border and to increase the readiness and alertness of Indonesian Navy soldiers in carrying out operational tasks.

The Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) Admiral TNI Muhammad Ali stressed in his priority program in creating a professional, modern and resilient TNI AL, that training is useful for building forces that have high alertness and readiness.

The series of exercises that were carried out included “Mailbag Transfer” MISCEX 806 which was an exercise to carry out goods transfer activities in the framework of re-supply logistics to extend elements’ operational capabilities at sea, Replenishment At Sea Approaches (RASAP) logistics delivery from ship to ship in the form of goods, fresh water and fuel, Navigation and Communication Exercise (NAVCOMEX 204) and Flaghoist (raising the flag) which is useful for training communication and coordination skills between elements while still prioritizing personnel and material safety (Zero Accident).