Two ships with the capacity to transport 680 tons of cargo, were arranged by the Colombian Navy to transfer from Buenaventura – Valle del Cauca, to the municipality of Tumaco – Nariño, the materials and food required by the communities in this area of ​​the country affected by the landslide that blocked the Pan-American Highway on January 10, leaving the department of Nariño incommunicado.

One of the surface units arranged is the ARC “Golfo de Tribugá” an Amphibious Landing Ship – BDA, which has the capacity to transport 180 tons of cargo or five 40-foot containers. This was the first ship of its kind designed and built in Colombia by the Science and Technology Corporation for the Development of the Naval Industry – COTECMAR, in 2014, in order to develop humanitarian aid operations for the civilian population and logistical support through the transport of personnel, vehicles, machinery, food, among others. Likewise, she has a ramp at the bow that allows the loading and unloading of equipment and heavy machinery in places that are difficult to access.

The other ship is the ARC “Caribe” a research platform attached to the General Maritime Directorate with a capacity to transport 500 tons. This unit develops marine scientific research operations in the areas of oceanography, hydrography and maritime signaling, as well as logistical support operations, emergency care, oil spill containment, support for offshore operations, among others. In the next few days, it will set sail from the city of Cartagena – Bolívar, to the port of Buenaventura, to load the material and later transfer it to the municipality of Tumaco.

It should be noted that, since the beginning of the humanitarian emergency, the Colombian Navy has carried out permanent coordination with the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Mines and Energy and different companies, to prioritize the material and elements that need to be transported. This week, the Ministries are expected to indicate to the Colombian Navy the material and the dates on which the vehicles and containers will be ready at the main Colombian seaport for shipment.

The Colombian Navy will have its capacities to support the different logistical and humanitarian tasks required by the communities affected by this situation in the Colombian Pacific.