Large amphibious assault ships (BDK) of the Russian Navy have begun transporting vehicles through the Kerch Strait, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

“Today, the first voyage from the port of Kavkaz to the port of Crimea was made by the Olenegorsk Miner BDK,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

They noted that the Kaliningrad BDK is also involved in the transportation.

“The crews of the ships of the Russian Navy, together with passenger ships, are working on the Kerch crossing around the clock. Amphibious assault ships are capable of taking on board up to 40 vehicles each,” the military department said.

The Ministry of Defense explained that the ships of the Russian Navy, at the request of the Ministry of Transport of Russia, are involved in unloading the Crimean bridge from the Krasnodar Territory at the peak of the holiday season in case of a large accumulation of transport in the direction of the Crimea.

From Interfax