It is in this context that the Loire has dedicated a long training of towing of the high seas with the Abeille Méditerranée recently arrived in its new port base in Toulon.

Exchanges of expertise were conducted between sailors of the Loire and the Abeille, followed by a practice through the towing of the 10,000 tons of the young replacement of the Abeille Flandre. The delicate weather conditions, with rough seas and a strong mistral allowed the Loire to reconnect with this complex exercise which constitutes the heart of the know-how of the BSAM of the French Navy. These two types of naval units together ensure the maritime intervention and rescue capacity under the orders of the maritime prefect all along the Mediterranean coast.

Admitted to active service in 2019, the Loire metropolitan support and assistance building is a multipurpose unit that participates in the support of forces, the safeguarding of people and property, the support of maritime means and takes part in police missions.

Based in Toulon, with a length of 70 meters and a width of 16 meters, it is armed by 2 crews (A and B) of 17 sailors who take turns on board. 4 ships of this type are in service with the Navy, 2 in Brest and 2 in Toulon. The godmother city of the Loire is Saint-Nazaire (44).