Another important stage in the construction of the “Tamandaré” Class Frigates is completed. of the first frigate of this class, that is, the keel, a structural part of a ship, which makes it possible to assemble the other parts and modules of its construction. tkEBS), in Itajaí (SC) In shipbuilding, laying the keel is considered a way to bring good luck.

The event was presided over by the Commander of the Navy, Admiral Marcos Sampaio Olsen. During the ceremony, the CEO of SPE Águas Azuis, Fernando Queiroz, handed over commemorative coins for the “Keel Laying” to the Navy Commander, members of the Admiralty and other authorities present there. Coins used in the keel laying process were also gathered, to honor the work of shipbuilders who are working in the development of the “Tamandaré” Class.

The General Director of Navy Material, Fleet Admiral Arthur Fernando Bettega Corrêa, highlighted that the “Tamandaré” Class Frigates will be versatile escort ships with significant combat power, capable of countering multiple air, submarine and surface threats. “These ships will also fly our flag and defend national interests, wherever the Foreign Policy demands, reiterating Brazil’s commitment to peace, increasing our Naval Diplomacy and demonstrating the high technological level and entrepreneurial capacity of the national industry”, he adds.

For the CEO of SPE Água Azuis, this is one of the most innovative naval projects ever developed in Brazil. “I reinforce the importance that the ‘Tamandaré’ Class represents, not only for the defense of the sovereignty of our Country and the Blue Amazon, but also for the technological development of a wide value chain and of professionals who are boosting the national construction market naval and defense equipment”, he said.

With the evolution of engineering and the use of modern production processes adopted in the “Tamandaré” Class Frigate Program, the ships are built in blocks. Therefore, in the case of the “Tamandaré” Frigate, the first of the four that will be delivered, the laying of the keel is characterized by the positioning, in its construction site, of an important structural block, which weighs about 52 tons and corresponds to the engine room of the forward part (front) of the ship, where they will be installed two engines, a gearbox and several pumps and auxiliary equipment.

These ships, expected to be delivered between 2025 and 2029, will have high combat power and will be able to protect the extensive Brazilian maritime area, with more than 5,700 km², called “Amazônia Azul”, in addition to carrying out search and rescue operations. rescue and meet international commitments. The ships will be used to patrol the Brazilian Jurisdictional Waters, with emphasis on inspection and protection of economic activities, mainly oil and fishing.

Two thousand direct jobs and 6 thousand indirect ones should be generated at the peak of the ships’ production. Production will be carried out with at least 30% local content on the first ship, and 40% from the second, which provides a gradual transfer of technology in naval engineering for the manufacture of military ships and combat and management systems. platform on Brazilian soil. The frigates will be based on the German MEKO project, already used in 82 vessels in operation in navies of 15 countries.

On this subject, the CEO of Águas Azuis stated that this project in Itajaí contributes to Santa Catarina being among the states with the lowest unemployment rates in the country. “Socioeconomic growth, technology transfer, guarantee of local content that leverages the defense industrial base and training of highly qualified labor,” he said.

Started in 2017, the “Tamandaré” Class Frigates Program, of the Brazilian Navy, aims to promote the renewal of the Fleet with four modern ships, of high technological complexity, built in the Country. The Program is a fundamental element and an indispensable means, both for the control of maritime areas of interest, preventing access by undesirable means by sea, and also for the Country to act under the aegis of international organizations and in support of the Foreign Policy , compatible with the insertion of Brazil in the international scenario.
On March 27, 2019, SPE Águas Azuis was announced as the best offer for the Program. Águas Azuis is formed by the companies thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, Atech and Embraer Defense and Security. On March 5, 2020, Empresa Gerencial de Projetos Navais and SPE Águas Azuis signed the contracts for the construction of the “Tamandaré” Class.

At that time, the main contract for the acquisition, for construction in the country, of four Frigates, and the related contract, which deals with the Compensation Agreement, were signed. The latter has as its object the transfer of knowledge and technology related to the Combat Management System and the Integrated Platform Management System, as well as courses on operation and maintenance of future Frigates.