In order to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries, the Indonesian Navy, in this case Lantamal III Jakarta, provided support in the form of security and berthing facilities for PHA DIXMUDE (L9015) and FLF LA FAYETTE (F710) at JITC II Pier, Tanjung Priok Port, North Jakarta, Saturday (25/03/2023).

The arrival of the French warship with the commander PHA Dixmude (L9015) Captain Emmanuel Mocard and the FLF La Fayette (F710) Commander Ghislain Deleplanque was warmly welcomed in a military ceremony led by Commander Lantamal III Brigadier General TNI (Mar) Harry Indarto, SE, MM accompanied by Asops Danlantamal III , Marine Colonel (P) Agung Nugroho, SE, M.Tr. Hanla., Asrena, Aslog Danlantamal III Kadisyahal Lantamal III and Athan French Colonel (Army) Sven Meic, Ph.D.

In terms of securing and anchoring facilities, Lantamal III Jakarta mobilized several related elements to ensure smooth operation in supporting the security of foreign ships that docked in Lantamal III’s work area, of course by implementing procedures and regulations that apply in the Indonesian Navy with international standards.

In his remarks Danlantamal III said, “With gratitude and enthusiasm for the Navy Brotherhood, this visit is very important to improve relations between the two countries, especially the French Navy and the Indonesian Navy in various fields of cooperation. During the next four days in Jakarta, there are several activities that have been coordinated by the Indonesian Navy. Hopefully, during the visit to Jakarta, you will get many benefits and you can enjoy them at ease before continuing your assignments in your country of origin,” concluded Brigadier General Harry Harry.