Ship open to the public (Kurashima quay tour)

 The Sasebo Regional Corps holds an event to open the ships stationed in Sasebo to the public only on weekends and holidays.
Admission is free and there are no advance reservations, but you must present a photo ID issued by a public organization (driver’s license, My Number Card, passport, student ID, etc.).
 Advance reservations are required for group tours of 10 or more people. Please see our group bookings below.
 In addition, there is no parking lot, etc., so it is not possible to enter the vehicle.

About visit

 Tours are conducted four times a day (twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon), and each time is one hour.
Please be sure to complete the reception within the reception hours.

Visiting place


Visitable date and time
Schedule for April
  • 1 (Sat)
  • 2 days)
  • 8 (Sat)
  • 9 (Sun)
  • 22 (Sat)
  • 29 (Sat)
  • 30 (Sun)

1st session (morning)

Reception hours 09:00-09:30Visiting hours 09:30-10:30

2nd session (morning)

Reception hours 10:00-10:30Visit time 10:30-11:30

3rd session (afternoon)

Reception hours 13:00-13:30Visit time 13:30-14:30

4th session (afternoon)

Reception hours 14:00-14:30Visit time 14:30-15:30