With the shooting of the salute cannon of the Sailing Ship “Cisne Branco”, the start of the first regatta competition of the 50th edition of the International Sailing Week in Ilhabela (SIVI), on the north coast of São Paulo, was launched. The dispute began on Sunday (23) and runs until July 29, when the awards take place. On the 22nd, the Music Band of the Command of the 8th Naval District performed at the ceremony at the official opening of the 50th SIVI, which took place in the neighborhood of Vila, in the historic center of the island.

Traditionally, the “White Swan” is used in major national and international nautical events, with the purpose of representing the Navy and Brazil, as well as stimulating the maritime mentality and expanding knowledge about naval culture and interest in the sea.

“After a great calamity, which affected our north coast last summer, we see several sport and recreational and competition vessels promoting the largest sailing competition in Latin America. In this great event, we can boast the name of ‘Capital of Sailing’ of our Country. The Brazilian Navy and the Port Authority Police Station in São Sebastião are proud to be able to participate in this edition. This year, we will share with the public the presence of the Sailing Ship ‘Cisne Branco’ and the newest ship of the Brazilian Navy: the Patrol Vessel ‘Maracanã'”, said the Delegate of the Port Authority in São Sebastião, Frigate Captain André Luis Abreu Castelo Soares.

Safety in the first place With the task of supervising water traffic and promoting the safety of navigation, the Navy employs, in the event, vessels from the Police Station of the Port Authority in São Sebastião, the Captaincy of the Ports of São Paulo, the South-Southeast Naval Patrol Group and an aircraft of the 1st General Employment Helicopter Squadron. More than 150 military personnel also work to ensure the safety of human life at sea and prevent water pollution from vessels.

On land In addition to the disputes in the water, the population can check out a number of cultural and social activities in the city, such as lectures and exhibitions. In the Race Village space, in the neighborhood of Vila, the Navy exhibits, until July 26, from 10 a.m. to 22 p.m., the models of the conventionally armed submarine with nuclear propulsion and the nuclear reactor that will equip it. Visitors will also find exhibited, nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological defense materials that are used by the Marines.

Also in the exhibition, families can meet a boat of the escaler type, which was modernized through a project of the Brazilian Navy and the Rumo ao Mar Institute and relaunched on the last day 11, to be used as a prototype of the school boat class, fostering interest in sailing navigation. The boat is six meters long and was designed for the introduction of young people and adults in the universe of seamanship.

Organized by the Yacht Club of Ilhabela, the 50th edition of SIVI takes place between the 22nd and 30th of this month. The event brings together competitors of the sport and enthusiasts of nautical culture. More than 100 boats of various classes and sizes, from different states of the country and of foreign nationality, participate in the event.

Among the participating boats, the sailboat “Cooperation”, model Ranger 22, already belonged to the Merchant Navy Officers Training School and, today, is part of the project “Navega São Paulo de Praia Grande”, which is aimed at encouraging the practice of water sports and environmental awareness, linked to the preservation of seas and rivers, as well as collection of debris thrown into the waters and banks.