The Peruvian Navy is preparing to deploy BAP Pisco (AMP-156) multipurpose vessel to the Rota Naval Base, with the aim of transporting back to the country six Sea King helicopters of the Spanish Navy. This deployment is scheduled for late July, and the helicopters are expected to arrive in Rota August 4 after taking part in UNITAS in Colombia.

The BAP Pisco is an LPD (Landing Platform Dock) vessel designed for naval operations and amphibious warfare, as well as transport troops, vehicles and provide humanitarian assistance. With a length of 122 meters, a sleeve of 22 meters and a 4.9 meters wide, the vessel has a capacity for 600 personnel and a crew of 150 people.

One of the outstanding features of the BAP Pisco is its flight deck, while landing boats operate from the hangar. In addition, it has tanks to transport fuel and drinking water, as well as capacity to transport dry and fresh groceries.

The Sea King helicopters were purchased at a nominal price of €100 each. Spain withdrew the last two helicopters of this class in June 2022, and currently, the Fifth Squadron operates with 4 SH-60Fs. In addition, four more units are expected to be incorporated in the coming years, ahead of the arrival of NH-90.

Photo credit: Jorge Chávez Hernández.