The ocean patrol vessel ARA Piedrabuena, under the Maritime Patroled Division, is again moored on the western dock of the Mar del Plata Naval Base, after having served as a station vessel at the Ushuaia Naval Base.

Upon arrival, he was received by the Commander of the Atlantic Naval Area, Rear Admiral Marcelo Luis Fernández and by the Commander of the Maritime Patrolled Division, Captain of Navío Martín Edgardo Méndez.

During his stay in the area of responsibility of the Southern Naval Area, he carried out multiple operational activities, including more than fifteen navigators, including patrols of control of maritime spaces of national jurisdiction; circumnavigation to the Isle of States; relay and maintenance of checkpoints and maritime traffic in Puerto Parry, of the Isle of the States, and Bahía Buen Suceso; and a circumnavigation to the Great Island of Tierra del Fuego through the Fueguinos canals; among others.

During his return, meanwhile, he carried out a new patrol of maritime space control under the Joint Maritime Command of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces, and participated in an exercise with the Fleet of the Sea.

In this regard, after the end of the activities, the Commander of the unit, Captain of Fragata Sebastián Gabriel Campi, explained that the tasks carried out allowed the unit and the staff to strengthen their training.

In patrol sailings another type of ocean activity is developed that includes maneuvers in the middle of the fleet of fishing vessels, he pointed out regarding the sailings they usually carry out, to which this new stage was added in the southern seas: On this occasion we move to a context of coastal navigation, with well-spid coastal coasts, which implies other risks but also incentives for operational activity, he said and added: “The balance is very positive because the navigation and deployment in another naval base allows us to make the most of the use to contribute to strengthen training, and narrow the life of camera and camaraderie on board.

During its stay in the south, the unit also carried out operational activities with the Southern Marine Corps and its dependent units: the Marine Infantry Battalions No. 4 and No. 5. This, in turn, allowed Marine personnel to train in the planning and execution of ampfibust operations from surface units.

Navigations, maneuvers and war games were also carried out in conjunction with the surface units of the Rapid Boat Grouping, from Bahía Lapataia to Bahía Buen Suceso, of which the ARA patrol boats participated. Barranqueras, Baradero, and the ARA fast boats “I fearless” and Indomit.

During the months of activities, the ship had to face, repeatedly, unfavourable weather conditions, which meant a greater increase in capacity and assessments of the patrol operation.

We were able to assess that the ship has excellent behavior, there are no equipment that is affected by the marked movement of the ship, said the Commander of the ARA “Piedrabuena.” As for the crew, he highlighted the professionalism and performance of each in his task, the spirit of camaraderie and disposition throughout the navigation.