Norwegian and British Naval vessels recently conducted an operational patrol in international waters of the southern Barents Sea.

Closely shadowed by Russian Navy vessels, frigate HMS Northumberland, replenishment vessel RFA Tiderace and frigate KNM Thor Heyerdahl recently conducted a patrol in the southern parts of the Barents Sea.

“Increased allied presence in Norway and in our neighboring areas is a part of the new normal. We see that our allies have their eyes directed towards the north, and more often utilizing our surrounding areas to train and operate. This increased allied focus is welcomed by Norway, and important for our security”, said commander Pål Gudbrandsen, acting commander of the Royal Norwegian Navy.

The patrolling was carried out in international waters, outside Norwegian and Russian territorial Waters in September.

“Military operations in the High North can be challenging. In order for allies to successfully operate in these areas, we need to train and operate here frequently. We have a good historic and continued record of cooperation, cooperating closely with our allies on operations in the High North Region”, said Gudbrandsen.

Royal Navy photo