Through the Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC), the Letter of Agreement was signed between the Governments of the United States and Panama, a document where the purchase and donation of a King Air 250 Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) was approved, with an investment approximately 12.6 million, which is intended to support operations to counter illicit trafficking and illegal fishing, as well as humanitarian aid efforts that include search and rescue.

Immediately after the signing of the agreement for the manufacture of the aircraft, the National Aeronaval Service (SENAN) implemented a training program for both pilots and technicians.

Through this program, a technician could be sent to the Textron Beechcraft factory, located in Wichita, Kansas, United States for a period of 45 days to specialize in this aircraft.

Likewise, two pilots were sent to take the initial course at the Flight Safety International Training Center, located in the city of Tampa, Florida, United States.

After this, an instruction for pilots and sensor operators began in Panama City by pilots and specialists from the AirTec company, which was in charge of the modifications made to the aircraft.

All this allowed that, at the time of delivery of the aircraft, the Panamanian crews had the capabilities to carry out the air transfer of the aircraft, from Wichita United States to Panama and subsequent immediate operation for the security of the Panamanian state. .

The aircraft was modified by the company AirTec and is equipped with an exterior light and cabin compatible for the use of night vision goggles, which increases situational awareness and safety for pilots when operating.