We would like to inform you that the relocation of training (joint training) from MCAS Iwakuni to Nyutabaru Air Base will be carried out as follows.

This is the 125th training relocation (64 in Japan and 61 in Guam, etc.). Domestic training relocation will improve bilateral interoperability and reduce the impact of training activities in areas surrounding U.S. airfields, based on the May 2006 U.S.-Japan Roadmap for Implementation of Realignment. It is done for

As the security environment surrounding Japan becomes more severe, conducting Japan-U.S. joint exercises not only greatly contributes to the maintenance and improvement of Japan-U.S. joint response capabilities, but also improves the tactical skills of both Japan and the U.S. and it will be beneficial.

○ Training period
November 8 (Tuesday) to November 18 (Friday), 2022
(Airplanes are scheduled to fly before and after the period to transport personnel and goods)

○ Participating units
[U.S. Armed Forces] 12th Marine Air Group (Iwakuni)
[JASDF] 5th Air Wing (Niitabaru)

○ Base used
Nittahara Air Base

○Training airspace
Shikoku airspace, etc.

○ Training items
Fighter combat training, etc.

○ Participation scale
Type II
[U.S.] About 10 FA-18s, about 110 personnel
[Air Self-Defense Force] About 8 F-15s

We are planning to implement the necessary measures against the new coronavirus infection.

*This content is subject to change in the future.

USMC file photo