FGS Datteln Joins SNMCMG1

January 13, 2021 (Google Translation) – On January 12th, minehunter Datteln left her homeport of Kiel to become part of NATO’s SNMCMG1.

One crewmember is also a US exchange sailor providing support in the field of sonar. The first part of the roughly three-month mission will take Datteln to the North Sea, before heading back to the Baltic Sea at the end of February. The 45-person crew had already gone into a joint quarantine phase on January 4.

“This year, my crew went through a comprehensive operational and nautical preparation for operations as planned,” said Commander Corvette Captain Tanja Merkl. “Participation in the SNMCMGStanding NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 is therefore the goal for us, for which we have intensively prepared. ”

Various maneuvers and training sections await the “dates” in a multinational setting. But this is only part of the mine hunters’ tasks. They secure sea routes through presence and active mine defense. Among other things, the type 332 mine-hunting boat will work with the association to remove old munitions off the Dutch and Danish coasts. At the end of his mission in NATONorth Atlantic Treaty OrganizationAssociation is planning to participate in a maneuver with the Swedish Navy.

“We will experience intensive cooperation over the next few months. The previous training program under Corona protective measures formed us into a community that knows how to deal with wind, waves and adverse conditions, ”said Commander Merkl, looking forward to the mission with her crew. The return to Kiel is planned for April 1, 2021.

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