Sevmash General Director Updates Belgorod Trials

January 12, 2021 (Google Translation/Interfax) – The special purpose nuclear submarine Belgorod is undergoing tests, Sevmash general director Mikhail Budnichenko said.

“The construction of the Khabarovsk nuclear submarine continues, tests of the Belgorod nuclear submarine are underway,” he said in an interview with the Zavod magazine, which is published by Sevmash.

It is believed that the nuclear submarines Belgorod of Project 09852 and Khabarovsk of Project 09851 will be carriers of the Poseidon unmanned attack submarine systems.

Poseidon is a nuclear unmanned submarine. In February 2019, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Poseidon had successfully passed sea range tests.

The submarine Belgorod was launched in April 2019. Belgorod was planned to be transferred to the Russian Navy in 2020, Sergei Voronko, First Deputy General Director of Sevmash, reported earlier.

The nuclear submarine missile carrier Belgorod was originally built according to Project 949A. As noted in the corporate magazine of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, “its hull was re-mortgaged in 2012 according to a new project, already without launchers for cruise missiles.”

In July last year, the RF Ministry of Defense reported that work on the creation of an oceanic system with Poseidon nuclear unmanned submarines is being completed.

“The Navy, together with defense industry enterprises, are testing the first nuclear-powered submarine carrying the Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicles, launched in March 2019. The ship’s crew continues the practical development of the new weapon on a standard carrier. The tests are proceeding as planned. “, – said then the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

“Currently, work is being successfully completed on the creation of modern weapons systems for the Navy: an underwater complex equipped with Poseidon unmanned aerial vehicles and a Zircon hypersonic missile system,” the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

In 2018, the command of the Russian Navy announced that an ocean-going multipurpose system was being created in Russia, including nuclear submarines with self-propelled underwater vehicles with a nuclear power plant, called Poseidon.

“The presence of this weapon will allow the Navy to solve a wide range of tasks in the far sea zone, in waters close to the enemy’s territory,” said Vladimir Korolev in 2018, then the commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy.

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