RFS Stoyky Deploys for Exercise AMAN 2021 in Pakistan

December 16, 2020 (Google Translation) – A detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet, consisting of the Stoyky corvette, the Kola medium tanker and the Yakov Grebelsky sea tug, went to sea to fulfill the planned tasks of a long voyage.

On board the corvette there is a ship-borne Ka-27 helicopter with a crew and specially trained marine units.

During the cruise, the crew of the Stoyky corvette will perform many different combat training missions, including exercises in communications, anti-aircraft and anti-submarine defense, as well as replenishment of supplies at sea in various ways.

The crew of the deck helicopter of the naval aviation of the fleet, which is based on the corvette, will conduct flight shifts in the waters of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, perform training in searching for submarines of a simulated enemy, detecting surface targets and search and rescue operations.

The main task of the campaign is to ensure a naval presence and demonstrate the St. Andrew’s flag in various regions of the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Indian Ocean.

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