Two Corvettes Return to Baltiysk

December 12, 2020 (Google Translation) – A detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet, consisting of the Boiky and Steregushchy corvettes, arrived at the permanent basing point – Baltiysk – after completing planned combat training tasks in the waters of the North Atlantic.
The ships were at sea for over 70 days. During the cruise, corvettes covered about 10 thousand nautical miles.

In the northeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, the crews of the Boikiy and Steregushchy corvettes performed a set of measures to replenish fuel and water supplies while drifting and on the move; weapons and anti-submarine helicopters Ka-27.

In addition, the specialists of the missile and artillery combat units worked out the tasks of delivering missile strikes against a detachment of imaginary enemy ships with the implementation of electronic missile launches, as well as issues of air defense and anti-sabotage ship defense.

The corvettes returned to the base technically sound and, after replenishing the necessary supplies, are ready to continue performing tasks as intended.

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