The Ministry of Defense’s Equipment and Procurement Agency, FMI, has signed a contract June 23rd for the design of new patrol vessels for the navy.

The contract includes the development of a ship design that will form the basis for a subsequent political decision on the acquisition and construction of new ships. The design is expected to be in place by mid-2025. The government’s strategy for the Danish defense industry and the general societal need to increase Danish security of supply are conceived and embraced throughout the Patrol Ship project.

The consortium Danske Patruljeskibe K/S will be the total supplier in this project for the Ministry of Defense’s Material and Procurement Agency. Involvement of the Danish maritime industry and defense industry will be carried out in this framework.

Steering Group Chairman of the Patrol Ship Project, Flotilla Admiral Claus L. Andersen states:

”The patrol ship project is an example of a new way of implementing projects in close cooperation between Danish maritime industry, the defense industry and the Armed Forces. Where we have previously been responsible for a large part of the project task with coordination, integration of systems from different suppliers and similar tasks, we assign some of these to the Consortium Danish Patrol Ships K/S as a total supplier. As part of this, the consortium will have to involve Danish industry and subcontractors. This is done in close cooperation with the Ministry of Defense’s Material and Procurement Agency and is expected to start after the summer holidays. ”

The head of FMI, Lieutenant General Kim Jesper Jørgensen, comments:

” FMI has high expectations for this total supplier process. FMI expects high quality of work, compliance with deadlines, and that this form of contract can be a model for future procurement projects in the future. ”

Design of new Danish patrol ships is necessary to secure the basis for building ships for the military task solution in the Danish immediate area. In addition, the ships are designed to be part of the solution of the marine environment task.

The operational ”customer” for the upcoming patrol vessels is the Armed Forces. Head of the Defense Ship Program, Rear Admiral Torben Mikkelsen, comments:

”Securing the vital seaways around Denmark has become more important than before. Denmark faces a fundamentally changed threat picture. It places new demands on the Navy’s ships. With the upcoming flexible and future-proofed warships, we ensure that in the future we can enforce Danish sovereignty and defend Denmark. In addition, a rethinking of the design will mean that in the maritime domain we are future-proofed to deal with changing needs. This applies, for example, to dealing with hybrid threats in a faster and more flexible way than before. In addition, the new vessels must be included in the national marine environment preparedness.”