On Monday, June 19, the large Severomorsk anti-submarine ship from the Kola fleet of the heterogeneous forces of the Northern Fleet went to the Barents Sea to carry out combat training tasks as part of planned combat training activities.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the BOD crew will carry out artillery and rocket attacks on air and sea targets. Combat calculations of the 100 mm artillery complex will work out firing on a marine target and on a simulated air target.

A few days earlier, the crew of Severomorsk worked out the preparation of the ship in the base, ensuring the access of the ship to the sea.

According to the military department, before returning to the base, the crew of the BOD “Severomorsk” will also work out a number of elements of the ship’s defense and conduct training on anti-submarine defense and maneuvering in conditions of limited visibility and intensive shipping.

BOD “Severomorsk” project 1155 has been serving since 1987. With a complete displacement of 7570 tons and a hull length of 163.5 meters, the ship develops a speed of up to 29.5 knots. Swimming range – up to 5000 nautical miles with an economical travel of 18 knots, autonomy – 30 days. The crew – 220 people (including 29 officers).

The ship of project 1155 is armed with eight Kingal air defense systems ( 64 missiles ), two four-container rocket and torpedo launchers “Rastrub”, RBU-6000 rocket-propelled bomb launchers, as well as artillery units AK-100 and AK-630M