ARC Gloria Begins Three Week Training Cruise With No Shore Leave

August 1, 2020 (Google Translation) – This Friday, July 31, the ARC ship “Gloria” will set sail from Cartagena to a new voyage, in which 77 Cadets, including 14 women from the Naval Cadet School “Almirante Padilla”, will advance their training cruise as future Officers of the Colombian Navy, complying with the biosecurity protocols established by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group of students is integrated for the first time by 23 Professional Naval Cadets. They are professionals who enter the Naval Cadet School to escalate as Officers of the Executive Corps, after completing a year of military naval training.

On this occasion, the ship will navigate the waters of the Colombian Caribbean, heading for the Island of San Andrés, Providencia, the Roncador and Serrana Keys and Puerto Colón, Panama; however, it will only remain in the anchoring area, without landing, to return to Cartagena port on August 20.

Boarding the ARC “Gloria” is a great experience for young people who are trained to be Officers of the Colombian Navy, as it allows them to apply the knowledge they have acquired in the classroom, strengthen sailing skills and learn about different destinations maritime.

The ship’s crew is made up of 13 Officers, 50 NCOs, nine Marines, one civilian and three invited Officers from the National Army, the Colombian Air Force and the National Police.

The Colombian Navy reaffirms its commitment to the comprehensive education and training of the students of its training schools, allowing them to enhance their knowledge, abilities and skills to protect the blue of the flag.

This cruise will reaffirm and strengthen the students’ vocation for the sea and will span the Colombian territorial sea guaranteeing the sovereignty and integrity of the Colombian territory.

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