With its recent arrival in the city of Ushuaia, the ARA “Puerto Argentino” notice concluded the second stage of the XXIV Combined Naval Antarctic Patrol.

This stage comprised 41 days at sea and 4,736 nautical miles sailed, in which the Argentine Navy’s notice fulfilled the role of Antarctic Service Ship, from December 16 to January 23.

In addition to the activities of the patrol, the ARA “Puerto Argentino” provided support to the activities of the Antarctic Summer Campaign 2022/23, transferring scientists from the National Antarctic Directorate and military personnel to different Antarctic bases on various occasions. In the same way, he served in the withdrawal of waste from the white continent.

As a relevant fact, at the end of said period the ship was assigned to the Orcadas Joint Antarctic Base to evacuate four sailors from Antarctic waters who were affected by hypothermia and dehydration.

During the Charlie period, the Navy notice will remain in Ushuaia, this time occupying the role of Antarctic Support Vessel; while on February 27 it will resume the patrol that will last until March 31, relieving the ATF high seas tug “Galvarino” of the Chilean Navy.