The arsenal of rescue equipment for the Russian Navy has been replenished with a new complex , which is able to provide assistance to ships in distress, vessels and even submarines. All of its equipment is mounted in ordinary shipping containers. If necessary, they can be placed on the deck of any suitable floating craft or even on an unprepared shore. The complex includes special systems for pumping water, fire and rescue equipment, as well as everything necessary for deep-sea work. According to experts, this makes it possible not to depend on the presence of specialized rescue ships in the disaster area and promptly provide sailors with all the necessary assistance.

Deliveries of the latest rescue systems to units of the Russian Navy began last fall, sources in the military department told Izvestia. The first sets have already arrived at the Northern and Pacific fleets. The novelty includes several sea containers with life-saving equipment installed in them.

The first container is equipped with systems that allow pumping water from ships in distress, ships and even submarines. The second is equipped with fire extinguishing systems and the necessary tools for rescue operations. The third container contains equipment for deep-sea work aboard the submarines.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, several exercises have already been conducted in the fleets in order to master the new rescue system. In particular, containers were placed on board conventional ships, as well as warships. They were transported by road, rail and even air transport.

“Unfortunately, Russia and the Soviet Union have been taught by high-profile submarine accidents,” military historian Dmitry Boltenkov told Izvestia. – “Kursk” is still remembered. Therefore, the tasks of search and rescue support for submarines and surface ships are of great importance to us. The advantage of containers is that they can be loaded onto any ship that has a platform of the appropriate size, for example, one of the tugs that are currently under construction, or ferry-type ships that have a crane. It is not necessary to have a specialized ship (after all, it can be under repair or in another area at the right time). Much more effective are modular containers and a team of rescuers with whom you can go to sea on the ship that is at hand.This is a modern, promising way of development, behind which the future lies.