After almost a week of intense logistical work in front of the Marambio Antarctic Joint Base, the objective of resupplying it with food, general cargo, fuel, construction materials and machinery was met. The withdrawal of Antarctic waste was also carried out, one of the main objectives for the current year, which will be processed in the City of Ushuaia for its final disposal at the end of the first stage of the present Antarctic Summer Campaign (CAV).

Due to its geographical location and morphology, located on a plateau 200 meters above sea level, the maneuvers were carried out by embarked Sea King helicopters. During these days, the units operated on Bahía López de Bertodano and Bahía Pingüino.

The air-naval actions were carried out from sunrise to sunset, whenever the weather conditions were favorable. In compliance with the plan, on January 6 the icebreaker weighed anchor and sailed to the Esperanza Antarctic Joint Base where the personnel who will carry out the 2023 wintering season disembarked and withdrew the eight families (which included twelve children) and the outgoing crew to Marambio , for its airborne withdrawal to the continent.

Once again anchored in Penguin Bay, and while unloading operations continued, the crews, work groups, and scientists from the Esperanza and Petrel joint Antarctic bases were received, who will be deployed in the coming days. At the moment, the icebreaker is heading towards the Carlini Scientific Base.

On Thursday night, the Commander of the Joint Antarctic Command, Brigadier General Edgar Calandín, boarded the icebreaker, who was received by the Commander of the Naval Component of the Joint Antarctic Command, Captain Diego Sánchez; the Commander of the ship, Captain Carlos Recio and the Second Commander, Captain Guillermo Ortega.

During these days, the ship also received a visit from the crew of the Marambio Base, who were able to see the work being done on board, greet the personnel, and tour the Navy unit.

In this regard, the Head of the Aerodrome, Captain Fabio Vasek, expressed: “I am fulfilling one of my dreams by being here aboard the icebreaker. I did not expect a ship of these characteristics, everything is very organized and we were received in an excellent way. You can see the professionalism of each one of them in working together.”