PNS Khaiber, the third of four MILGEM corvette ships manufactured by Turkey for the Pakistan Navy, was launched at 25th of November in Istanbul Shipyard. MILGEM, one of Turkey’s biggest defense export projects, was signed in July 2018 with Pakistan to acquire four ship from Turkey.

The Pakistan Navy’s first corvette ship, PNS Babar, was launched in Istanbul in August 2021, and the second ship, PNS Badr, was launched in Karachi in May 2022. According to the contract the last ship will be built in Pakistan and there will be technology transfer between the countries. The last corvette ship PNS Tarıq will be launched in May 2023 in Karachi and with its delivery the project will be over in February 2025.

The main contractor of the ship is ASFAT and HAVELSAN as the subcontractor of the vessel, supplies ADVENT, its network enabled data integrated combat management system to the corvette ship. ADVENT is a powerful, modular, and scalable C4I system that provides force-wide planning, tactical picture compilation, decision-making, threat evaluation, engagement planning, and execution.