Three days after returning from a month-long CARIB ROYAL operation to combat drug trafficking in the Caribbean Sea, the Ventôse surveillance frigate carried out an operational refresher course coupled with an “aviation” check.

Seven sailors from the Naval Action Force training division and two sailors from the naval aviation force were detached on board for the occasion.

Objective: to confirm the operational qualification of the Ventôse , after evaluation of the state of readiness over the entire employment spectrum of the surveillance frigate, but also to test its combativeness, its resilience and the cohesion of the crew in a demanding and realistic training context in line with the MERCATOR ACCELERATION plan.

For twelve days, at quay then at sea, the crew of the Ventôse was therefore pushed to their limits during more than 110 exercises carried out under the watchful eye of the training division. All the functional chains and specific organizations have been assessed: nautical conduct, safety, conduct of operations, current service, defense and security, mastery of operational capacities.

The Ventôse notably had the opportunity to experience degraded modes and the conduct of the least usual operations: combat towing, evacuation of nationals, seizure of safes, inspection operations without commando reinforcements, defense against cyber attacks, conduct of operations without a satellite link.

At the end of a particularly intense course, the crew was rewarded with confirmation of their operational qualification. Appointment made in eighteen months for the operational conditioning course.