New look, same legacy! We are proud to announce that Ingalls Shipbuilding has a newly refreshed logo. The brand brings a new energy to the Ingalls flag that launches the story of our incredible shipyard into its next, exciting chapter. This future-focused momentum is accomplished while maintaining the logo’s maritime roots, legendary colors and name.

The classic flagstaff logo for Ingalls Shipbuilding was created in 1938 at the time the company was founded. After several logo changes from 1961 through the early 2000s, the classic flag returned as the logo in 2011. This is when Huntington Ingalls Industries (now HII) was born.

Nearly 85 years after it was first created, the logo has an updated look that sticks to its origins. Clean lines make up the design of this tribute to the classic Ingalls flag. The new flag includes a white triangle that represents the bow of a ship. The blue triangle represents water and the legacy “I” has been modernized. The company name and colors remain unchanged, with a renewed emphasis on the original shipyard moniker.