In this mission, which will last until June 27, the ship will have the opportunity to carry out operational training activities and combined exercises with the Armed Forces of Lithuania and other allied countries, as well as maritime security operations, actions in support of amphibious operations and actions in support of mine warfare operations.

During the stay in Klaipeda NRP Figueira da Foz will participate in the STORMSTRIKE23 exercise from June 5 to June 11, which allows it to carry out several exercises combined with the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

The NATO ASSURANCE MEASURES – LITHUANIA 2023 mission seeks, through comprehensive measures focused on land, sea and air, to help create and maintain a climate of trust and reassurance in order to demonstrate cohesion and deter threats or aggression. By participating in this mission, Portugal reaffirms its commitment to NATO and maintains its commitment to international peacekeeping efforts.

The ship reinforces the Navy’s presence in that area of the globe where a Marine Force is currently also present, which also includes divers.

The NRP Figueira da Foz is commanded by Captain-Lieutenant Flávio Pereira Eusébio.