Defense Projects Agency (Commissioner Eom Dong-hwan) announced on Friday, April 4 that the “Defense Export Support Council for Ships and Helicopters” will participate in the Ministry of National Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, each military, the Institute of Defense Science, the Defense Technology Quality Agency, the Institute for Defense Technology Advancement , and defense companies. Team Ship, Team H”, said it held an inaugural meeting.

Since September ’22, the □ Korea Radiation Agency has been operating three consultative bodies, Team K9, Team K2/Cheonmu, and Team FA-9 , in line with the government’s task of establishing a virtuous cycle structure for the construction of advanced electric power and the expansion of defense exports.

* ‘Team K2’, ‘Team K9’ and ‘Team FA-50’ are consultative bodies organized by the heads of the Defense Projects Agency, respectively, and consist of related agencies (Ministry of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Soyo Armed Forces, Institute of Defense Science, Defense Technology Quality Agency, and Defense Technology Promotion Institute) and defense companies.

□ In addition to the existing consultative body, Team Ship and Team H, which were newly launched for defense exports in the field of ships (surface ships and submarines) and helicopters, were led by the heads of business units belonging to the Defense Projects Agency and composed of officials from related agencies and defense companies.

□ The meeting was attended by more than 70 people, including representatives from the Defense Projects Agency, the Ministry of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, each military, the Defense Science Research Institute, the Defense Technology Quality Agency, the Institute for Defense Technology Advancement, and the relevant weapon system companies.

□ in addition to giving a sense of belonging as a team and encouraging participation in the development of defense projects through the awarding of letters of appointment to members of the Integrated Export Support Consultative Body, separate consultative bodies for each weapon system (‘Team Ship’ and ‘Team H’) were formed to discuss major cooperation matters such as government support measures and quality assurance measures necessary for exports.

□ in the future, we will continue to establish a communication platform for expanding defense exports through regular operating meetings of each team to support the export of ships and helicopters.

“This event will serve as a cornerstone for the further expansion of ROK’s exports of ships and helicopters, which will greatly contribute to the leap forward of becoming a defense export powerhouse,” said □, head of the National Defense Projects Agency. He said.