Following up on the order of the Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) Admiral Yudo Margono for the ranks of soldiers in the KRI who were patrolling and meeting foreign ships that were passing peacefully in the Indonesian territory, to carry out the Passing Exercise (Passex), KRI REM-331 with the USS Charleston carried out the exercise. Passex in the Lombok Strait. Sunday (2/10).

Passex is an exercise that is carried out when a friendly country’s naval ship enters and or leaves the waters of national jurisdiction, this is done universally, that is, it is carried out by a friendly country’s naval ship to welcome the presence of KRI when entering the country’s waters.

This was conveyed by Admiral Yudo on various occasions when he met a number of world Navy officials and was greeted positively by a number of countries, and had expressed their agreement to it.

Quoting the report of the Commander of KRI REM-331 Marine Colonel (F) Nopriadi to Asops Pangkoarmada II, at 15.30 WITA KRI REM-331 RV with USS Charleston at position 08° 24.9′ S – 115° 56.6′ T & carried out a Comms check which was continued by Serial Flashex.

The implementation of the Flashex series went well where KRI REM-331 & USS Charleston managed to read the news signals received by each. After the Flashex series is finished, it will be followed by the RASAP series.

The RAS Approach series is carried out in 2 sessions. Session 1 was started by KRI REM-331 which approached the USS Charleston’s right hull, then continued USS Charleston’s approach to KRI REM-331’s on the left hull. The RASAP series ran safely & smoothly and then continued with the Farewell Pass Serial as a closing practice. Then the USS Charleston continued the voyage.