n the framework of the 125th anniversary of the establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Argentina and Japan, the Training Flotilla of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force arrived at the Naval Station in Dársena Norte.

The destroyer JS “Hatakaze” together with the training ship JS “Kashima” had already received, while they were sailing in jurisdictional waters, a courtesy accompaniment carried out by naval and air-naval units of the Argentine Navy.

The Japanese delegation, led by Rear Admiral Yasushige Konno, was received by the Ambassador of Japan in Argentina, Hiroshi Yamauchi, and the Secretary General of the Navy, Rear Admiral Diego Eduardo Suárez del Solar. Authorities of the Argentine Navy, civilian personnel and special guests were also present.

After the interpretation of the Japanese National Anthem and the Argentine National Anthem by the Band of the General Staff of the Navy, Rear Admiral Suárez del Solar said: “On February 3, 125 years of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Argentine Republic and Japan were celebrated, one of the oldest ties of our country with a nation in Asia.

In this time, both countries have forged a solid friendship and a mutually beneficial bond. We are two nations that have their view to the sea, which promotes an even closer bond between those who have chosen the naval profession. Our naval ties date back to 1904, when the Imperial Navy offered the Argentine Navy a place for a military observer, being appointed the then Captain Manuel Domecq García. Not only did he witness the Battle of Tsushima, but he then toured Japan’s military, naval and industrial facilities, which upon his return he was able to dump into our domestic industry.”

“I hope that your stay in our city will be pleasant and profitable, and that, although it will be a brief contact, you can take in your hearts an image of the warmth and affection of the Argentine people,” concluded the Secretary General of the Navy.

Ambassador Yamauchi then declared: “For us Japanese living abroad, it is an honor and a great joy to receive you here in Argentina. It makes me very happy that they touch Argentine soil precisely in a year as significant as this for relations between our countries.”

He then added: “These long years of exchange and joint work today find our countries united in a strategic relationship of shared values and basic principles, such as democracy and human rights, and working together to face transcendent international challenges. Especially in the current international context, whose challenges are linked to food and energy security, Argentina emerges as a friendly country of great relevance, due to its vast natural resources.”

“I wish to express that this strategic relationship enjoyed by our countries today has been built over 125 years on the solid foundations founded by Japanese immigrants and their descendants in this country. Argentina welcomed them with open arms, and this allowed them to make it their home. I wish with all my heart that the members of the Squadron have the best possible experience during their stay in Argentina, and I express my best wishes to all those present here,” concluded the Ambassador.

Finally, Rear Admiral Yasushige Konno stated: “Argentina is a friendly country with which we share fundamental values, and it is a great honor to have arrived in its capital. It will be a short stay here, but it is our greatest desire to be able to interact with all the local people and thus be able to deepen our understanding of the country and, even a little, contribute to further strengthen the friendly relationship that exists between Japan and Argentina.”

Once the ceremony was over, a guard of honor was made to Rear Admiral Suárez del Solar on the stern of the JS “Kashima”, in which Ambassador Yamauchi and different authorities of the Argentine Navy participated.

Instructional trip
The presence of the Japanese ships is part of the Training Trip carried out by the Japanese midshipmen and constitutes the eleventh time they arrive in the country after an absence of eight years.

The Squadron is under the command of Rear Admiral Yasushige Konno, Commander of the Long Distance Training Squadron, which has a crew of 560 personnel, including 160 midshipmen who have completed the 73rd General Officer Candidate Course. The ship JS “Kashima” is under the command of Captain Miho Otani, while the ship JS “Hatakaze” is under the command of Commander Hiroyuki Ikezaki.

During this journey, of 149 days and along approximately 52,400km, they visited the USA (Dutch Harbor), Canada (Victoria), Mexico (Manzanillo), Peru (Callao), Chile (Valparaíso) and Argentina (Buenos Aires). Then they will continue their tour of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and Recife) and Colombia (Cartagena), to finish again in the United States.
Until Tuesday, August 8, the members of the Japanese delegation will be immersed in a program of various activities. During their stay, they will have the opportunity to explore different places of interest, interact with the local culture and participate in events that promote exchange and friendship between Japan and Argentina. The visits will cover a variety of enriching experiences that will further strengthen ties between the two countries and create moments of shared value.