The Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) deployed its forces to secure the implementation of the G20 Summit in Bali. Warships of the Republic of Indonesia (KRI) were placed in strategic sectors surrounding the Island of the Gods, Sunday (13/11).

“The Navy, which is the Maritime Task Force, divides its strength based on the sector that surrounds the island of Bali, besides that, a layered security pattern is also implemented starting from the coast to away from the coast towards the sea and intersects with the sector pattern,” the Commander of the Indonesian Military Command II, Rear Admiral TNI, emphasized. Dr. TSNB Hutabarat., MMS, as Commander of the Marine Task Force.

As many as 14 KRIs in a combat-ready condition were deployed to guard maritime security during the G20 implementation in Bali. In addition, the Indonesian Navy also deployed Elite Troops from Kopaska, Marine Taifib, and Dislambair Divers.

Not only warship elements, in order to ensure sea security at this meeting of world leaders, the Indonesian Navy’s air element which has Anti-Submarine capabilities is now ready to be moved at any time from the top of the KRI. In addition, the Navy Base troops have strengthened security at ports and other strategic locations that are the entrances to the Island of the Gods.

The Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) Admiral TNI Yudo Margono said the warships had started carrying out security from November 6 to November 19. “One of his duties is to carry out hailing of ships passing through the ALKI II area and to ensure that every sector is safe and there is no threat of any danger,” said TNI Admiral Yudo.