Headed by the Chairman of its Board of Directors, Alberto Salas, its Vice President Manuel Olivares and its Rector, Lucas Palacios, together with the Director of Education of the Navy, Rear Admiral Sebastián Gutierrez, our ASMAR Talcahuano Plant received a visit from INACAP.

Upon arrival at the shipyard, the delegation was received by the Director of ASMAR, Rear Admiral Jaime Sotomayor Bustamante, in the company of the Administrator of the Talcahuano Industrial Plant, CN Juan Cristóbal Mendez, on which occasion they were able to exchange ideas to promote cooperation agreements between both institutions, in order to contribute to the training and training processes of those who contribute to the productive work of ASMAR, generating more and better technicians for the country, a vocation shared by both INACAP and ASMAR.

The visit ended with a tour of the delegation through the Icebreaker Almirante Viel, being able to appreciate ASMAR’s capabilities in the field, to contribute to the development of Chile and the well-being of its inhabitants, through the National Continuous Shipbuilding Plan.