Photo caption: Multi-purpose boat “Mittelgrund” (front left) and emergency ship “Potsdam” (back right) at the Warnemünde naval base on October 13.

On the basis of the administrative assistance, two ships from the German Navy and the BAAINBW Equipment Office supported the federal police in their investigations into the damaged Nord Stream pipelines.

The Federal Police and the Federal Criminal Police Office are investigating the damage to the two natural gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea on behalf of the Federal Public Prosecutor at the Federal Court of Justice. The Bundeswehr supported the investigations from the start.

When the Bundeswehr received the request for administrative assistance in accordance with Article 35 (1) of the Basic Law on October 7, the minesweeper “Dillingen” and the multi-purpose boat “Mittelgrund” set sail on the same day in order to go to sea together with the Federal Police’s rescue ship “Potsdam”. to drive accidents. “Dillingen” and “Mittelgrund” were able to use underwater drones to take video recordings of the damaged areas.

This administrative assistance has now ended. The collected data is evaluated and incorporated into the ongoing investigations. The cooperation between the federal police and the armed forces was consistently characterized by a high level of flexibility and operational readiness. On October 13, “Potsdam” and “Mittelgrund” initially returned to the Warnemünde naval base, while the “Dillingen” moored in its home port of Kiel on October 14.