Organized by the FFA, Operation 365 aims to detect, report and apprehend illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing activities in the South Pacific, the high seas and the exclusive economic zones (EEZs) of Pacific Island States. The FANC contributes to this operation in associated support of the FFA by regularly deploying the Overseas Patrol Vessel (POM) Auguste Benebig and the Overseas Support and Assistance Vessel (BSAOM) D’Entrecasteaux.

For example, the FANC regularly conducts interrogations and control operations on fishing vessels operating in the EEZs of Pacific Island States or engaged in IUU fishing. The commitment of the FANC in this mission illustrates the cooperation between France and the Pacific countries in the fight against IUU fishing, which threatens the sustainability of fisheries resources and the economic interests of the States of the zone.

The FFA’s international fisheries control operations are numerous and regularly involve the French armed forces, allowing them to strengthen their knowledge of the area and their cooperation with the nations bordering the South Pacific.

France actively participates in several military coordination forums for the benefit of Pacific countries, including the South West Pacific Initiative (Australia, United States, France, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom), dedicated to the synchronization of cooperation actions, and the P-Quad (Australia, United States, France, New Zealand), in the specific field of maritime surveillance. This involvement of the French armed forces in these multilateral initiatives testifies to the commitment of France, the only European nation bordering and sovereign in the Indo-Pacific, to maritime security in the South Pacific.

The Armed Forces in New Caledonia (FANC) provide France with a permanent military presence in the South Pacific Ocean to protect French interests in the region. As such, they maintain France’s military partnerships in this area of strategic interest. With more than 1,450 military personnel, the FANC provides regular support to State missions at sea. They have the capacity to intervene to deal with a security or climate crisis affecting the area. The FANC regularly shares its expertise in the field of assistance to populations affected by natural disasters, or maritime security with security and defence forces in partner countries in the South Pacific.